Increase Vitamin D With K During the Winter in St Johns

Increase Vitamin D With K
During the Winter in St Johns

Hope you're having a wonderful winter!

Reminder to Increase Vitamin D with K during the winter to help prevent cold, flu, and other bugs by increasing your immune system.

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Are you bending incorrectly?
Watch the video above and see

Prevent pain and injuries by using the Hip hinge.

  1. Stand in good posture ,feet around shoulder width
  2. Send your hips/ butt out bending at the waist and hips
  3. Bend your knees and pick up the object/weight
  4. Return to the standing positions - Watch the video for a visual


Chiropractor Colby Caltirder and Happy PatientMeet Indra from Bhutan, the world's happiest country. Indra is a husband, father, and works in postal delivery. Lifting a heavy box that fell one day had his neck and left arm in severe pain. The pain had him unable to work and go bowling with his family. After a 1-month treatment plan with Dr. Colby with chiropractic, manual therapy, rehab, strapping, and electrical muscle stim Indra is back in motion working and bowling. Another good day at the office. We are blessed with amazing patients!

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